Wednesday, October 15, 2008

she said I should start with something small

Mahinder will be absent for this whole week. Today we had 2 free periods so I accompanied Leong to refill those marker pens. I really pity her because she had to take so long just to fill one friggin marker and her hands looked as if they were stained by chicken's or pig's blood. Gross. The school should really come up with better ways to refill those markers. Like what Leong said, they're just wasting the students' time because she took 40 minutes to refill 3 markers. Imagine that. Gosh. Anyway we did that below the stairs which is near the toilet. You know, the one where you can go to the staff's room. *ANDE came walking towards us from the canteen. I already tried my best to not laugh because I think her new hairstyle is really ADORABLE. *grins* After greeting her, she ascended the stairs. While she was ascending the stairs, suddenly something happened. At first I didn't know what happened until she giggled. I turned to look towards the stairs and saw that there was this single shoe or whatever you call those woman shoe underneath the stairs. One of her shoe actually slipped out of her foot and fell through the stairs. I have no idea how she walks. How can one side of the shoe actually come out and fell through the steps of the stairs? WEIRD. Then Leong gave me this you-should-go-pick-up-her-shoe-for-her-because-I'm-currently-too-busy-with-the-marker kind of look. I was like wtf, okay. I picked up the shoe and handed the shoe to ANDE. She was still giggling. It was so friggin hard for me not to burst out laughing because it would be really rude if I laughed on the spot.

Was talking on the phone with Yen Ting just now and at the same time I was eating mangoes with mom and grandma. She glared at me.

Mom : Stop talking on the phone and eat the mangoes.
Me : *continues to talk happily*
Mom : Why are you so excited eh? Talking to who? If you don't stop talking, I'll finish them up.
Me : Eesh, friend lah.
Mom : What friend? GIRLFRIEND arh?
Me : *swt and annoyed punya face* JUNIOR FRIEND LAH. What girlfriend? Tsk.
Mom : Remember she's just a girl, don't get so excited talking to her.
Me : *wtf face*

HOW ANNOYING. So now I should just stop mingling with female friends? Maybe you should try sending me to a all boys school if you're so paranoid.


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