Saturday, November 29, 2008

i don't mind you keeping me on pins and needles

Watched Twilight today. Well actually I do categorize myself under anti-Twilights or anti-Edwardians or whatever. In case you wonder why, I find the book to be really boring. It's amazing how fans love the book so much just because of Edward. I'm so gonna get bashed after writing this. Who the heck cares? My forearms are quite sore now because someone kept squeezing it and telling me how fucking hot Edward is. I think my friend's reaction was even more amusing than the movie itself.

The movie is average. Not that bad, not that good. Pretty boring at the beginning. They cut one of the kissing scenes if I'm not wrong. Oh, pity those fangirls but maybe some might be happier because they don't get to see Edward kissing Bella. Then they can actually picture themselves being kissed by Edward. What I hate most is how the people reacted in the cinema. Some actually took out their cameras to snap pics of the intimate scenes. What the heck? You're acting so uncivilized. *shakes head* it would be great if suddenly those workers come to check and confiscate their cameras. I'd be the first to laugh my ass off. Pathetic.

To be honest, I think the dude who plays Carlisle is so much hotter than Edward.

I'm quite surprised I didn't doze off during the movie.
There's one great thing about the movie though, they used Muse's Supermassive Black Hole during the baseball scene. HAHA.

Was sitting in Secret Recipe today. Saw a dude with PURPLE hair and a purple with black stripes shirt walking around. One of the workers spotted the eggplant dude and pointed out to his cliques. Then I heard one of them said, "itu Cina so hai". Find it kinda funny because he was said that loudly. Poor guy. Purple hair is kinda cool though if he dressed up in a better way. His style was so SEAFOOD.


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