Saturday, May 9, 2009

keep it to yourself

It's utterly disgusting how you insult people's dreams and aspirations. It's disgusting because you simply label it as something negative and terrible, yet at the same time you have no idea it takes hard work to achieve it. If you really think it's so ugly then you people should just keep your shit comments to yourself. People with such aspirations do not need your crappy comments. Truth be told, you can't really deter others by voicing out such harsh remarks. If you think it's something so ugly, why don't you try doing it yourself? Try achieving something similar? What were you doing while you were at my age?

Not that I think highly of myself but it's the truth that such thing requires consistency, discipline and effort. It's alright if you're not supporting me. It's alright you're not providing me with the necessary tools to do so but it's totally not acceptable when someone insults something like that over and over again. Keep those insults to yourself. No one wants to know. Take a look at yourself before insulting. Just because you're not exposed to that field itself, you should not voice out your opinions. You only make yourself sound more like a fool. A 101% noob. I wonder why people never do research before trying to give advice? Basically, your advice equals to zero because you talk without any substance. It's based on mere assumption.

Sick of this. I don't think I'd like to explain anymore because you people never get it. People need to be more exposed to the western cultures, especially health and fitness. Dumb. Bet it's heaven when I stay alone. Everything is possible. Screw it. No idea why I am getting so pissed off because of this. Maybe it's because of the heat. Maybe because I'm craving for jelly. Maybe because time and over again they've annoyed me with such stupid remarks. Maybe yes, because I'm sensitive? But so what? Screw it.

Moving away from my pointless ranting, I'm actually quite glad to see Foong Vai and Leong today. Haven't seen them in ages. Wish they'll go to KL soon. Finally got to watch Wolverine. This time, the strings attached to them aren't visible. Teehee.

Suddenly I feel much better when I think of my IE classes. =D


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