Friday, February 29, 2008

One Step Closer to Liberty

"You're a song within my heart, you're a song of my life".

Two papers left. Will be sitting for Mod Maths and Science paper on Monday. After that I'll be experiencing liberty. Yay! Too bad for science students, so many papers. *smirks* Anyway, I don't really feel like doing revision anymore. I'm so not in the mood. I'm so in the mood of slacking. Slack slack slack. Sleep sleep sleep. Eat eat eat. Play play play. That's what I would really love to do for the rest of the week after those two bloody papers on Monday. Can't wait. Most probably will be getting a new guitar after Piawai. I don't think I should get it this weekend. If not, for sure I wouldn't be doing any revision at all. Mom even asked me whether I wanna go out to have dinner to celebrate my pre-merdeka. Well, I declined the offer since I'm currently too lazy to go out. Therefore she cooked this for dinner. Yum.

Black Pepper Udon Noodles with Macaroni

Today after school, me and Leong were 'splashed' with Mushroom soup or whatever soup. It was yellowish. Actually both of us were standing under the tree. She was waiting for her bus and I was accompanying her. Then 3 Indian girls ran past us. One of them was holding this polystyrene cup. She was shaking that bloody cup in the air. Her friends were chasing after her. I didn't know how the whole thing happened but suddenly me and Leong were smothered with those gross liquid. Well, not really smothered but Leong was the main victim. Those stains were on her hair, shirt and pinafore. A few drops fell on my pinafore. Fortunately. If not, I would've screamed at them. Kids nowadays are pathetic. Form 2 but you're still running around? You're not in a playground lah. Damnit. One of my friends said those liquid look more like phlegm. GROSS. One of the Indian girls approached me and Leong after we 'washed' our pinafores.

Indian Girl : Tadi bukan saya yang buat. Kawan saya buat. Sorry.
Leong : *too furious to answer* pfft pfft
Me : Huh? Haha. Okay. -__-"""

So after that we were both in our shirts and shorts only. Leong's shorts were quite short. Her legs were so fair and thin. Practically everyone kept complimenting how great her legs are. Hopefully she doesn't kill me for writing this. *jealous of her legs*


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