Saturday, February 9, 2008

3rd Day

Title says it all.
Anyway it's my first day having new year's dinner with my mom's family. We dined at Sai Kong, I'm not sure whether it's the correct spelling. We actually had our reunion dinner at Sai Kong but it was a different outlet. I prefer the other one but my parents said this one is nicer. Doh, who cares? Dad bought a new camera today so I took the chance to fool around with the camera.

Lou Sang , I just hate the taste of this dish. No, my hand isn't there.

Shark Fin Soup, looks ugly but tastes great.

4 Seasons , not that good. I like the one served at the other Sai Kong.

Steamed fish with ginger.

Fried prawns with orange or what? I don't know.

'Lai yao Sotong' , my favorite dish.

Classic dish. Look at the fake abalones!

'Lo mai' rice. As usual I only took one scoop.

Lovely Corn Dessert.

Followed my cousin brother to his friends' house after dinner. Well my parents kinda forced me to follow. They said I need to socialize more. Wtf? Oh fine. I know they want private time for themselves and so I just followed. Moreover they were being sooo friggin noisy, lol. Mom gave me around 30 bucks to gamble. I guess that's the upside of following them. Besides getting extra ang paos, I get extra allowance. How great is that? Free reload for this month. I have only 0.29 left. Pathetic. The second house we visited was a tad creepy but it definitely has those CNY spirit. Can really feel it. MERRY!!! Those people were gambling as if money falls down from the sky. Gambling actually reminds me a little of Uncle Peter because he'll be the one who initiates gambling back then. Now that he's not here, my cousins and I don't gamble anymore. No one wants to be the dealer. Haha. Anyway it was quite an eye opener to see how other people celebrated CNY.


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