Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maths in 5v3

Felt so miserable this morning. Somehow I think I'm the main cause for this. I'm so sorry. I know I can't do anything to help. Hopefully things are much better for you now. Hate seeing you being so down.

Omg, today Maths class was so funny. As usual, our teacher was so frustrated, sad, and disappointed. Not gonna mention her name for safety purposes, I'm sure most of you know who. She was teaching us Transformation. Everyone knows how much that topic sucks right? I don't think there is anyone of us here who actually likes that bloody topic.

Teacher : *teaching translation* ... so easy only lah, why can't you all do it? Even idiots can do it. Even down syndrome kids can do it. You think down syndrome people can't do ah? If you teach them sure they can do.
Us : ...
Teacher : Try to use your brain and think a little lah. Don't leave it like that. It will berkarat.
Us : ...
Teacher : Nowadays, teachers are very sad because of students like you all. We teach so many times and you people still don't get it. You're wasting my energy and I'm wasting your time. I'm actually very worried of your future. Teachers are like mothers. We feel sad when our children don't get what we teach even after we've tried so hard. Without education, how will you all be good mothers in the future? We're just trying to help you all to become good mothers so that the world will be a more peaceful place. (notice how she is drifting away from the main point..)

Goodness, she was so funny. Her facial expression is sad. At one point she was really sad and I think she practically cried? Haha. I pity her but she shouldn't be so harsh with her words. There's nothing much you can do but find a better way to teach us if we don't understand. You can't fully blame us. She took one whole period to teach one question. After that, she asked me whether she's wasting my time? She assumed I'm so clever and I know how to do it. She even allowed me to do other things that I want to. SO FUNNY. I wanted to tell her I know nothing much about the topic too but to avoid seeing her cry due to disappointment, I just told her I wanna listen to her lesson.

Piawai is on thursday.
History on the first day. Damn damn damn. Gotta read more. Teachers are giving too much pressure. Geez. =/


Anonymous February 26, 2008 at 8:57 PM  

I doubt you really listen to me when I talk to you. I just told you I like that chapter today. Ish ish ish. What a good friend I have.

I, did not, mark, attendance, for you. =)

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