Monday, February 25, 2008

Best Sunday of February

Mainly because I got to spend so much time with you today.

Went to Convent's Interact's uh.. I think they call it Canteen Day? Never mind, not that important anyway. Those people at the gate were really strict. I don't understand why students who weren't wearing school t-shirts weren't allowed to enter? I believe I saw a few MGS girls in their normal attires. Nothing much to do there. Me and Leong each bought one book of coupons. Couldn't finish it. How lame. We donated the remaining coupons to Convent's Interactors. I didn't like the food they were selling. 99% were fried food. Did I mention they don't have mineral water for sale? Gosh. Ended up drinking some orange juice mixed with Sprite I think. Record breaking moment. Haven't drunk carbonated drinks for one whole year or maybe longer than that. Met many ex-schoolmates. I'm surprised that they can still recognize me even after years. Gotta admit I didn't recognize most of them. *pai seh*

Fan Yee Ling won 30 Seconds To Fame. Really happy for her. The prize is 30 bucks. Well, better than nothing. Can get a prepaid card right? I'm sorry I wasn't there to support you. Was in Parade. Lol. I feel a little bad actually when she texted me to ask whether I'll be going back to MC to support her or not. Luckily wasn't pissed when I met her in Parade after the competition.

Spent the rest of the afternoon with you, your friends, Foong Vai, Kiern, Ken Ann and Leong. Leong left really early. How sad because her fans were searching for her. Hehe. =D A few 'interesting' videos captured by Kiern can be viewed at my youtube account.

Went to Moven Peak for dinner with parents. Didn't know there is some place in Ipoh which serves quality western food besides Citrus and Indulgence. For that price, it's really not bad. Gotta admit I underestimated them. Before this I will only visit that place for their steamboat.

Some Cod Fish Dish. Those brownish thingy actually moved when it was served. Imagine living coral.

King Prawn Thermidor

New Zealand Steak

"I'll love you more with every breath truly madly deeply do..."
- nice line from Savage Garden's Truly Madly Deeply. Haha.


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