Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lazy lazy lazy.

Reon Kor sent this to me... =(

Jay Chou is holding his concert while I'm doing nothing much in Ipoh! How depressing. Sigh. Ignore me.

It has been a really hectic week!
Finally I'm free to blog. Well, actually I was really lazy to update the blog because the laptop's keyboard is super problematic. Therefore I waited for my dad to fix the cpu. According to him, it's 'multi HD collapse' problem. Now all the data is gone, including my precious live dvd rips, precious screen shots and The L Word series. Damn, I'm so lazy to start downloading all those things again. AnywayI think we're meant to get new things for this year. Dad put the monitor on the sofa. Suddenly the whole thing rolled and dropped on the floor. Imagine. I was shocked but at the same time I was laughing. My monitor is dead. Saddening. Haha, so now we're using Uncle Thim's monitor. It's old school.
Eww. I know it's better than nothing but I really want a new monitor.

Didn't attend N'Gale's marching practice this week. Hopefully I didn't miss out much. Didn't feel like going on Tuesday so I ended up lazing around in class. On Thursday I had accounts tuition. Too bad. Bad timing. From what I read, seems that the people are screwing up. Haha, people, fret not! The time will come, soon they'll have the 'semangat yang membara'!

Just got home from Chye's Guitar Nite. It was kinda fun. Many people performed. I didn't. He actually asked me so many times but I kept saying no. First reason will be because I don't know what song to perform. Besides that, I don't have anyone to accompany me, I don't know anyone there and I don't have a good amplifier. Yeah, I know those are lame reasons. So what? I'm sure there's always another time. Not all performances were great. There was this fat little boy singing Beyond's song. Really cute. Then there was this guy doing a cover of Jerry C's Canon Rock. He improvised it a bit. Missed a few notes here and there. Kinda sloppy in the end. The Arpeggios were pretty okay but the sound system made it the notes rang out in a too distorted way. Nice try though. I'm sure many girls were drooling over him, excluding me of course. Chye's assistant played Yang Guang Zhai Nan on keyboard. Cool. I expected him to play violin actually. Was a tad disappointed.

Ugh, headmistress checked my class last Friday. CHECKED OUR FINGERNAILS! I don't understand how she finds the time to do all this unnecessary stuff? Lol. Most people's fingernails were okay except for Mey Yee's. Then when she checked my right hand, I tried explaining to her why I'm keeping my fingernails.

Me : Teacher, I'm keeping my right hand's fingernails for guitar playing. My mom wrote this letter. *shows*
Mrs Lee : No, cannot. It's against the school rules.
Me : But I'm not keeping them because I wanna look pretty! I need it to pluck the guitar strings.
Mrs Lee : No but but, you can always use the pick.

Doh, then I tried explaining the difference between using the pick and fingerstyle guitar playing. She doesn't seem to get it. Then she told me to trim my fingernails because they were too pointy and dangerous. C'mon, I'm mature enough not to hurt my friends with my fingernails! This is so unfair! I don't wanna cut them. Eesh eesh eesh. She told the class she'll give us all 2 merit points if no one has long finger nails. Seems like there's no choice for Crystal. *sigh*

Going to Convent's Interact thingy tomorow.
I'm excited because you'll be going. What a great weekend. =)


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