Sunday, February 10, 2008

2nd Last Day

Wow, it's already the second last day of my cny break. Sucks. I'm not really looking forward to schooling since most probably you'll be absent for a few days. Gotta stop thinking, ughh. Today was hectic, visited my dad's cousin's house in the afternoon and my Aunt Jo's house in the evening. OMG, dad's cousin's house is marvelous. The design, furnitures, decor and everything just fit perfectly. Felt as if I was in a resort. Envious, huhu. Imagine candles on the floor, relaxing music, the smell of tea and tranquility. Anyway I got to lou sang twice today. I actually enjoyed eating them because I was utterly famished. Had steambot at my Aunt's place. After that we gambled since there was nothing much for us to do. Uncle Barney was the dealer. I managed to win 20 plus but in the end lost a lot thanks to his last 3 rounds. He kept getting ace for a few times in a row. Damn lucky. Some of the pics :

Kama Sutra in the living room! Their sex life must be great, lol.

Reminds me of the guy from Death Note.

Cute but he doesn't like me. Haha.

Lotus Chips!

Sarawak Laksa, tastes like curry noodles, yes, homemade.

Genetically Modified Donut! An orange cake actually.

Homemade cookies!

I go crazy for this herbal jelly.

Beef with chilli sauce.

Will be going back to Ipoh tomorrow. Hopefully dad will be able to fix the comp.


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