Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stop Worrying

Parents are back from KL. The best thing I like about them going to KL is donuts. Yes, they'll be home with donuts. Lest you don't know, I'm obsessed with donuts. Not normal ones. Donuts with toppings. This time they brought home Big Apple donuts.

Love of my life. Lol.

Then in the car after dinner, I got lectured kao kao by mom because of well you know what. I'm sure my readers know what. *laughs* Back at home, got lectured kao kao again. See, that's why I say people should just stop worrying so much. I think I'm starting to get really immune to lecturing because it's always about the same thing over and over again. Even if I answered and explained, the lecturing won't stop so I'll just listen and shut up the next time she lectures. Great.

Today is Easter? Or was it yesterday? Geez, I'm so confused because friend wished me last night but my mom forced me to wish her this evening. Well, anyway Happy Easter everyone. If you're kind enough, you should drop me a few easter eggs.

School starts again tomorrow. Feeling extremely lazy after such a friggin long weekend. Slacked too much. Sports Day will be on this Saturday so I bet this will be a hectic week for most people and I have the PNB quiz the next monday. Gotta start doing more revision. Want the money they're offering so badly. People please pray that our revision will be effective okay? =D

Since I'm still in the mood to sing, I did a cover of Chris Brown's With You. The lyrics are just good and simple.


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