Friday, March 21, 2008


Went to school for 3 days. After that we're having a 2 days break. Anyway, nothing big happened at school this week. The teachers weren't acting normal. For instance, my English teacher. I purposely finished the damn essay so that I can go to the toilet. She told me not to go just because the bell will ring in 10 minutes. What the heck? I deliberately rushed the stupid essay and that was what I get. Next, my B.M teacher. She likes picking on me nowadays.

TH (B.M teacher)

TH : Kenapa muka Crystal macam sangat bermasalah? Biasanya remaja kan tak ada masalah. Muka tu macam banyak sangat nak fikir.
Me : *laughs*
TH : Senyum kan cantik. Cikgu tengok muka orang bermasalah pun takut. Cikgu ingat Crystal tak suka cikgu kerana cikgu sudah buat sesuatu yang salah.

She talked about that for 5 minutes. So what if my face is bermasalah? Oh c'mon, you're teaching in front. Of course I'm supposed to put on my serious face and listen to you right? Or do you actually expect me to grin at you like a 'so hai'? Geez, some teachers complain because of my so called problematic face. On the other hand, some complained because I laughed when there is actually nothing funny to be laughed at. Pfft. Give a damn I don't.

Mom will be away this weekend to attend this Great Eastern dinner which will be held in KL. Therefore, I'll be left in Ipoh with my grandparents. Anyone wants to come over and accompany me instead of asking me to stay over at their place? *coughs* *cooughs* xD

Crystal is totally in the mood to sing these days. Don't ask why because I have no idea why. So here I present you an acoustic cover of OneRepublic's Apologize. Well it's kinda hard to sing or maybe I just suck at singing. HAHA, I don't care though because I had fun covering it. Don't be so harsh okay?


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