Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lucky and Blessed

"I don't need what you've ain't got".

Went to Kledang Hill today with Foong Vai, Kiern and Ken Ann. Sadly, Leong couldn't make it because her parents didn't allow. According to her, it's because of the election issue too. Gah. I guess I'll have to wait another time to 'hike' with you huh? Wait till we get our license. *coughs*

Anyway before we went there, the weather was utterly shitty. Was so cloudy and dark. Obviously it was raining in Menglembu. Fortunately my parents didn't stop me from going. My dad was only grumbling a tad about how bad the rain will be and how bad we'll fall and land on our asses. He grumbled a lot about the election too. When we arrived at Kledang Hill, the weather was utterly awesome. The rain has just stopped so it was really windy and chilly. I'd say we were all very blessed and lucky because the rain came back the moment we finished 'hiking'.

Well, I haven't been there before. It's the first time for me and Ken Ann. She even said it feels as if she's in KL because she was extremely excited. Haha. Geez, I feel like I'm such a failure because I felt like an alien there. Never mind, I'll get more familiar with that area next time to avoid being so embarrassed. Sigh, I don't even know the names of the hills. Apparently there are 4 hills. Never mind. I think I actually 'tried' 2 hills today. Lol.

We were taking photographs as if we're not from Malaysia. Felt a bit awkward. Haha. Here are the photographs, courtesy of Ken Ann.


Acting depressed. Obviously Foong Vai doesn't look depressed.

Me and Ken Ann.

HAPPY! Haha, I look so friggin fat here.

Me and Ken Ann again.

Had fun today. Good experience for someone who hardly goes to Menglembu. I even got to see you. So worth it even though the toes on my left foot are injured.


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