Sunday, March 16, 2008


Went to JJ with FV, Kiern and Ken-Ann today. As usual, mom was grumbling so much. She actually asked what am I up to these days? Why always go out? Eesh, what's wrong with going out? She's always suspecting this and that. I feel like telling her to worry and suspect less. Then her life would be much better right? Don't make your life so complicated. Lol. And and and, she actually reads my blog. WTF? I just got to know today. Yeah, right. Never mind. Maybe I should change the link or something. Somehow it's not cool to have your ownparents visiting your blog and reading your rants. Agree? Haha.

We actually went to Sushi King twice today. Geez, I hate that place really except for the free green tea. Why must they dine there every time we go JJ? (without fail, really) Anyway at least now I get to eat something there, Golden Bell (so what if I like naming it Bell rather than Ball?). We also dined at Secret Recipe and Food & Tea. I noticed that we eat non stop every time we go out. Is it a good thing or a bad habit? Bah, never mind. Life is short. Might as well enjoy every single moment by eating good stuff, no?

After lunch we went for bowling. Had fun. It has been a long time since I last bowled. And guess what, Crystal Lam emerged as the winner! MWAHAHA! So what if my score was low? At least I won. First time winning. *proud* Hope D luck stays with me always. Ken-Ann was busy camwhoring while we were busy bowling. I don't understand how she can sit there for hours without getting fed up. Amazing. It's also amazing how you blame the lighting for every single bad photo. *coughs*

Then we watched Spiderwick Chronicles. Is that the correct title for the movie? Never mind. I'm actually a huge fan of fantasy movies but this one is exceptional. I'd say it's lousy. Literally. The creatures are not attractive at all. Boring. Boring soundtrack. Boring storyline. Nothing amusing. I fell asleep halfway. Yeah, so I missed out a lot. Wow, the cinema is a great place to sleep. Didn't even wanna leave my seat. Three of them said it was a great movie though. Weird or maybe I'm just so friggin' not in the mood today. My advice will be, don't waste your time on that movie. Go watch Eragon instead. Lol.

Time for photos, courtesy of Ken-Ann! (again!) Apparently 4 people will be using her photographs for their blogs. She's too kind and we're pathetic. Notice I'm using people's photos a lot these days because my camera is totally fucked. Great.

During Bowling :


Foong Vai

Kiern (somebody said your back is sexy)

Results. Look at those two people's marks. SAME. LAME.

Enjoying my Milo.

She stole my Milo.

Camwhoring in the toilet :

Ken-Ann syok sendiri.

"Why is she taking so long?" (Foong Vai's damn worried face).

Me trying to ruin the photo.

Others :
Can you like not effing disturb me while I'm eating my cake? Eesh, sei yan Ken-Ann.

Foong Vai giving me lessons on 'something'.

Foong Vai getting more 'gik dung'.

Look at both of them . I'm like out of place.

What is she trying to do? I look deformed here. HAHA.

Finally a very normal photo of me and Ken-Ann.

Sigh, tomorrow school will be reopening. I've got tons of unfinished homework. Faster congratulate me. I'm getting better at procrastinating! =D


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