Monday, March 31, 2008

A Not So Great Monday

Thought that today will be a great day. Didn't really turn out like I expected it to be. Damn. Never mind. Forget it. Not that it matters anyway. It's my own problem. *coughs* anyway it was really cool that we only studied for 2 periods before recess. You see, I just love those motivational talks or whatever talks so much because they consume so much time! In the end, we get to skip lessons. So today's talk was about career guide. Wasn't paying much attention to what she was saying because as usual, I was so sleepy and I felt like talking to Leong and Foong Vai more than listening to her. The speaker wasn't captivating at all and Foong Vai kept saying her slang is super annoying, which of course I don't think so. Lol. Then, when they were showing us those presentations, I actually dozed off. Heard from Kah Sin that one of those form 3 girls actually fainted after listening to that talk. What the heck? It's kinda funny actually. Apparently, her mom came and explained to the teachers that her daughter was like that since small. The best part of this talk is, I got to attend second recess too. First recess sucks. It's always overcrowded. They don't have sufficient tables and chairs for all students and of course there are other reasons why I like second recess. Lame.

Most people annoyed me today. Maths teacher was complaining that me and Leong talk too much in class. I don't see any problem with that because we talk when she's telling other students to do her questions on the white board. Moreover, I like talking because I hate to fall asleep during her class. Can't she understand that? Guess she can't huh. Then there was this group of girls outside the library who kept looking, talking and smiling. Fucking uncomfortable. Stayed back today and something really silly happened. Those form 1 girls self invited themselves into my class and asked for my help to hide their illegal things. It's because the prefects or teachers or whoever will be carrying out a spot check. One of them actually brought their mobile phone. Looks sweet. Don't know what model is it since I know nothing when it comes to mobile phones. Others gave me their letters, cards, pendants, artists' calendars. It's amazing how these people actually carry so many letters and little love notes with them. Don't they think those crap are heavy or something? Oops, did I just say they're crap? Ack. xD They took forever to leave their stuff there which really made me a tad pissed. You already self invited yourselves and you'retaking eternity to leave your things there. Can't you just leave them there and get back to recess? At one point, my evil side told me that I should just use the phone and tell the girl that some teacher confiscated it. *smirks* Sorry but Crystal isn't in a very good mood today. So before I went home, I left those things on my desk. Covered them with a workbook. Hopefully no one stole it. Well, it's not my fault since you didn't come to collect your things on time. *sticks tongue out* One of them came to collect her stuff before I went home. She didn't even say thank you or whatever and her face was like so angry. Wanted to give her a tight slap on the face. Kids today.. ughhhh *shakes head*

PNB Quiz is tomorrow. People people please pray for me, Dawn and Chin and wish us best of luck. I think luck is really essential since those questions are too tough for our brains, or maybe just mine. Since we need to be in Gunung Rapat by 9.30, I'll have the chance to skip many lessons. Crystal is a lazy ass. Yeah, so what? Haha.

Oh, wow, today is 31st. Do you even bother? =p

"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air?
Can't live, can't breath with no air
That's how I feel whenever you ain't there
There's no air, no air"


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