Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Baby!

After waiting for quite some time, the day has finally arrived. People, I present you my new baby, Takamine EG340SC! Bought it at Ebony today right after school. Actually mom said she will get me a Taylor 110 if I can wait and get good grades for SPM. Doh, SPM is so friggin far away so in the end we decided to buy this.


Simple Packaging.


Loving the Dreadnought body.


Can't believe I'm actually owning a Takamine.

Pretty Mahogany Back.

Nice natural finish.

TP4T Preamp with a built in tuner and equalizer.

The sound is really nice. Really warm. The bass is brilliant. It's so comfortable to play on. So far I don't regret. Will be posting covers of me playing this guitar soon. =D


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