Friday, May 30, 2008

Interact Community Project - Day 1

So we're supposed to paint so called murals on the walls of Form 5 toilet during the holidays. Fortunately the toilet doesn't really stink but it was kinda stuffy and there were mosquitoes. Mrs Lee and Mrs Ho, I mean Pn Ho came and visited us. I spoke canto. Didn't know we're not allowed to speak canto even during the break. Give me a break. Ken-Ann was cursing so much like nobody's business. Funny.

We'll be painting this on the wall.

And this one too. This is the main one.

Irrelevant. Notice one thing in common.

Everyone was like so nicely dressed. I was the only one wearing slippers. Pai seh.

Ken-Ann named this faggot pose. Swt.

Our main artist.

Artist at work.

Trying to be an artist but failed.

Watched Indiana Jones today. I think I'm having this sleeping in the cinema problem. Don't know why I get really sleepy nowadays when I'm watching movies. Something wrong with my body I guess. Anyway just wanna say Harrison Ford is hot. Notice that I find old men attractive. The lead actor for Ironman is hot too! *sick*


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