Thursday, January 15, 2009

heh heh heh

Just completed Persona 4 an hour ago. The ending is.. mehhhh, so anti-climax. Moreover there are 3 endings. And since I did not max out Naoto's social link (FAIL), I'm gonna do so during my 2nd playthrough. I was at social link rank 9. Crap, one more level to max social link. Kinda disappointed with the amount of cutscenes. There aren't many in the game. More cutscenes please in the next Persona? Another reason for me to do the 2nd playthrough is the Devil social link. The nurse is so... perverted. Besides, I can finally fuse Lucifer. Bet that'll be fun. Heh, and I just realized this game is kinda dirty and not suitable for kids. And I think I'm gonna convert into a SMT fan instead of a FF fan because FF nowadays is really disappointing. FUGLY looking characters and lame music. Geez, hate them all. Epic fail since X-2. I am also very tempted to get Persona 3's FES version. Might as well play Persona 3 FES since I did not finish the normal Persona 3. Oh and I even plan to get DDS after Persona 3. I'll reserve Nocturne for last since it's quite hard. I'm so gonna get attached to my ps2 these days. SMT games shall provide me with a reason not to abandon my ps2.

Someone ought to hit me hard in the face because I'm turning into such a scary Naoto fangirl. I have over 100 pics of Naoto in my folder. >_>

This is soooooo MC x Naoto. *dies*

...and a pic of Teddie. His dialogue made me laugh so badly.


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