Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Selamat Menyambut Hari April Bodoh~

Happy April's Fool day to everyone! Hope you all had fun being pranked by your friends and family~ Only 2 people tried pranking me. Unfortunately, both of them failed badly. First one, my classmate, Mey Yee. She sent me a text msg, something like this :

"I'm Mey Yee's brother. This afternoon, my sis got knocked by a car. She's now in Hospital Besar. I need your help to inform her other friends to visit her too".

I don't know why but it really sounded like a joke to me. Wasn't convinced. Well, what the second person did isn't that important because she failed badly too so won't post it up here. What I'm trying to say is, this year's April's Fool day is just like another ordinary day. No fun. Crap.

Anyway went for the PNB Quiz today. Chin, Dawn and I were quite excited about the whole thing. Apparently, Chin was busy watching Korean series last night so she ended up not revising much. Of course deep down in your hearts we all know that she does well in all these kinda things even though she slacks. May I say she's quite gifted? Lol. I didn't revise accounts at all, so I'm lucky because there weren't many accounts questions.

Loved the weather today. We arrived at the Gunung Rapat school at 9. Registration started at 9.30 and the quiz started at 9.45. As usual, there were so little chinese people there. Could somebody explain to me why is it that Malays are more involved in these competitions? I'm not trying to be a racist or whatever. Just being curious. I'd be glad if someone could really give me a logical explanation. There were only 2 or 3 teams of chinese girls. Fortunately, the questions weren't that hard compared to the previous years'. Results will be announced in May so I really hope we'll qualify. Once again, please pray for us!

We were given Nasi Lemak right after the quiz. Crystal Lam was so friggin famished. Lol. Nobody ate except for me. Well, I ate the cucumber and eggs only. Cik Hasnoridah teacher said some teacher from other school commented, "lapar betul pelajar itu, kesian". *sweat* Had McDonald's after that. Cik Hasnoridah treated us! Best thing of all, I got to skip every subject today except for History. Sweet. =D


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