Sunday, April 6, 2008

Again and Again

Since someone accused me of not updating my blog just because my so called girlfriend is in KL, I'll purposely simply post some nonsense today. Btw, don't label people as girlfriend anymore lah, I don't wanna get beaten up by her new boyfriend okay. *swt*

Mom went down to KL on Friday. So Ken-Ann and Foong Vai actually wanted to sleep over at my place. The main purpose is to do a cover of Umbrella. Me and Ken Ann were quite enthusiastic about the whole thing. When I asked my mom on Friday night, she said no, another time, etc etc. Sigh~ I don't see anything wrong with people coming over to sleep and sing. She said they can come another time when she's around. Actually I think she thinks if she's not here, we'll be up to something no good. I don't even wanna know or imagine what's the 'no good'. Fine then. There goes my Saturday. I guess the Umbrella cover has gotta wait till another time.

So Ken-Ann and I were supposed to go out today, either JJ or Parade. See see, plan failed again because I have no transport. My beloved grandpa will be going to some faraway place with his friends to have seafood. He'll be back late in the evening. How saddening is that. One failure after another. I'm so gonna rot to death at home today. Well, not exactly but I'm really in the mood to go out instead of staying at home.

Anyway I'm starting to detest some people in my class. They're too busybody and they need to get a fucking life. Really. Instead of poking your nose into other people's business and private life, you should find something better to do. If you're so free to do all this shit, I don't see why you can't spend more time on your studies instead. Improve your bloody grades. Then maybe you can even write a proper letter to complain. Your mouth is just so big huh and your brain is so big? That's why you just like to exaggerate whatever you see? You people disgust me so so so much. If you're so bloody holy, you wouldn't go around talking about people. So called holy and faithful. My ass. Everyone has their limit. Like someone said, maybe she'll see herself in a fight or argument with her classmate. From the moment you people did something so foolish, I feel like throwing up every time I see you people. Yeah, therefore I'll really like to present you idiots this :

Have a nice day assholes. Pfft~


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