Sunday, April 13, 2008

'Productive' Sunday

Right after cooking.

Served on a not so nice plate.

A closer view.

Hehe, want some?


Not so clear but it's actually bacon and white button mushroom.

Mom thought me how to cook Carbonara today. Wanted to use green pasta but since mom bought spaghetti, we used spaghetti. Not so good. I think Conchiglie or Farfalle would taste better. One of my all time favorites. Actually to be precise, my dad thought me because she purposely phoned him to get the recipe. Anyway it was really fun and quite easy. Most importantly, it tastes great great great! Yeah and it's so fattening. Shouldn't be feeling bad since I don't eat it always. Haha.

Eesh, mom argued with grandpa this morning. He was complaining a lot about insufficient money. Doh, the usual thing. My mom does give him an adequate amount of money. He was just whining too much. Well, he has been whining since ages ago. Mom couldn't stand it this morning so they argued. What the heck, now he refuses to fetch me anymore so I'm having some transport problems. Apparently I'll need to stay back in school everyday until 5 in the evening, then my mom will pick me up straight after her work. Going to tuitions will be a tad tough. I'll have to take a bus on thursday or tuesday. Still haven't decided yet which one to go for Accounts. For my Friday BM tuition, mom will ask her uncle who is a taxi driver to fetch. Mehhhh, my time will be so fucked from this week onwards. This means I'll be spending most of my time in school. I so hate this. Ugh. How can a grandpa actually treats his daughter or grand daughter like that? So 'fan gam'. Diu.

Before the argument, grandpa said he'll pay me 100 bucks per month for helping him mop the house and wipe the windows twice per month. Since the argument this time was quite serious, I think I won't have that job anymore. How pathetic. I'm saving for a PSP or maybe I'd save a bit more for a slim version of it. Could anyone kindly suggest me any easy jobs? =D

Spare some time to watch this, a live performance of Space Dementia by Muse :

The song is just perfect. Scarily beautiful pianos. I would say the song is really orgasmic. *coughs*

"You Make Me Sick Because I Adore You So".


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