Monday, April 7, 2008

Craving for Custard

" I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted~"

We got free MILO TODAY! Each of us were given 2 packs. Crystal hearts MILO! Drank one pack. Then while I was helping Foong Vai carrying her stuff, she rewarded me with one pack. Lol, I actually walked back to class happily with that pack of Milo. Crystal was grinning like some little kid. Swt. Then actually someone tried to hide my Milo but failed badly. Someone should polish up their hiding skills. Lame. Hehe. =p

Regarding what happened during BM lesson today, I was half pissed and half happy. I'll tell you people why. Those silly busybodies didn't finish the work given to them since last week. Great, so I thought they'd get punished by teacher. Me and my desk mate were laughing so hard. It was so effing difficult for us to hide our laughter. Luckily teacher didn't spot us. Anyway we were so looking forward to them being punished and scolded. Instead of that, you know what happened? Our respective teacher only grumbled awhile and told them that they should present their given task this coming Wednesday. Me and my desk mate were like WTF?! Is she fucking racist or what? Last week when both of my chinese friends couldn't finish the given task, she scolded them like shit and told them to stand by the class's entrance. That's utterly unfair. What the hell lah. We were cursing like no tomorrow. I bet she didn't say much because she just love those busybodies so much. They're really active students. I remember once she said that she loves active students who actually communicates with teachers. Blah.

What I'm trying to say is, if you busybodies are so free to talk bad about people, why can't you even spend some of your time on the given task? Stupid. If you think by doing so you can succeed and be a better person in life, you're oh so wrong. In order to succeed in life, you shouldn't pick on other people. Look at yourself. Get yourself a bloody mirror if you don't have one. I present you assholes this, this is your first baby step :

Haha, anyway my mom dragged me to BEC's dinner. Even dad came along. Uhm, it's actually some christian community dinner thingy. I guess it wasn't that bad but it was really friggin' boring. I should've brought a book then I wouldn't be wasting so much time there daydreaming and complaining to my parents. We spent 3 hours there, Florex Restaurant. It was freezing like hell in there and my skin is so much drier now thanks to the bloody air cond. The food was average only, edible and there wasn't any dessert. EWW??!! How can people actually serve dinner without dessert? DAP was having this thanksgiving dinner on the ground floor of the restaurant. Too bad Lim Kit Siang wasn't there. I felt so weird there, like I'm so unholy. HAHA. What the heck, never mind. *coughs*

People, please watch this video :

Jason Mraz is so effing awesome, his live performance does him a lot of justice. He sounds fantastic live.


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