Friday, April 11, 2008


Looks like ice-cream.

You can actually smell butter, nice.

A closer view. Look at the texture.


Mom brought those yam cookies, biscuits, cakes, whatever you like to call them back from office. Apparently a client brought them all the way from Taiwan so they're fresh. Nice. The packing is really pretty. I actually thought it's a cake with yam ice-cream inside. I was wrong. Anyway when we removed the cover, the smell of butter was just so strong. Lovely. I like the smell of butter. Haha. These weird little cakes actually taste pretty good. They're not too sweet. Just right. The filling is a little sticky, hard to describe. Awesome stuff.

Anyway this week was great even though some stupid people tried to ruin my week by speaking nonsense. Right, everything which comes out from your mouth is total rubbish. I can't believe you actually said this, "tengok lah, saya tak takut mereka tengok". Wtf? Who wants you to be afraid? You wouldn't believe how much you amuse me.

Many teachers weren't here this week. Good news for students. Most were on MC. Some went for meetings. Our Maths teacher was on MC for two days. When she came back to school, she was spotted crying when talking to Mrs Lee. We were all assuming why she cried. Haha, one of my really mean classmates actually assumed that her husband went to find another woman. You're so friggin mean. I did some research and someone told me that her sons most probably got the dengue. Poor woman. A mom's love for her children. Ahh. Well, she actually told other class about her problem but not our class. Don't you think it's kind of pathetic and funny? Maybe she thinks 5V3's students are so heartless and cold? Therefore it would make no difference sharing her problems with us. Never mind. 4Sc2 actually sang and wrote messages to her. Apparently she practically broke down and cried. Such wonderful and caring students. If only our class has got 1% of that kind of love for teachers. Haha, so so so pathetic for us. Hopefully her children will be fine though. Teacher, be strong! =D

I personally think this is kind of hard to read. Don't you people think so? Originally written on a desk with liquid paper. Lame. Lol.


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