Friday, April 18, 2008

Do Not If It Offends You

Abalone noodles!

Mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms.

I think those instant noodles are the best instant noodles I've eaten so far.

Title. Yeah, if it offends you then don't read it. I'm referring to the blog. Some people are actually quite offended by what I write here. Like what I wrote on the left side of this page, sometimes I write without thinking properly. Yeah, so if you don't like then don't read. Nobody's forcing you right? So why wanna torture yourself? Haha.

This week started off really great until, dum dum dum, my beloved desk mate Leong Qianyun had a so called stomach ache on Tuesday late morning. She was so friggin pale. Didn't see her that pale before even though she's quite pale on usual days, lol, please don't hit me. It was really scary. Another girl in my class was sick too but since she's in St. John's, she tried helping out by helping my desk mate wipe off the sweat and so on. She was sick and yet she tried to help out. Owh, how touching~ and she was giving so much great advice. Unfortunately the advice she gave contradicted the teacher's advice so in the end of course I followed my class teacher's advice. Leong went home before school ended. Her dad came to fetch her. She was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night if I'm not wrong. Don't even think of visiting her because she's at home now, getting good rest. GET WELL SOON PLEASE. No, wait, GET WELL ASAP. Somebody from our class actually got so worried and restless when she heard Leong got appendix.

On Monday during BM lesson :

Her : Dalam kelas ini ada beberapa kategori orang. Pertama, orang yang aktif menjawab, kedua orang yang tak akan menjawab kerana takut orang lebih pandai dari dia dan ketiga, orang yang terlalu malas untuk menjawab. Crystal dalam kelas kedua.
Me : *pretends not to hear and looks at Leong*
Her : Dia tak tahu kalau dia kongsi ilmu dengan orang lain, dia akan jadi lebih pandai. Dia takut kalau dia kongsi idea dia, orang lain lebih pandai dari dia. Sebagai contoh, dia takut Qianyun lebih pandai daripada dia kalau dia menjawab soalan cikgu. *goes on and on about the same point*
Me : *laughs and continues doing my work*

Eesh, I hate it when she says that. She has been saying that since last year. Excuse me? I'm not kedekut ilmu or whatever you wanna label me. I'm just not that smart to give you brilliant ideas and I'm not that smart to answer your every single question. I think you should actually categorize me under group 3 because those who know me knows for sure I'm such a lazy ass who hates answering questions. It's boring. I rather complete the work you gave me. Sue me. =D


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