Saturday, April 26, 2008

Being Tagged Is Something Good When You're Bored

15 Random Things About Me

RULES:Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs!

  1. I didn't wanna go to school when I was in Std 3 because my form teacher said she wants me to say out the names of all the teachers in Primary RPS. Actually I was too scared. That's why. In the end, my mom phoned her to solve the whole thing. In case you're wondering who is that crazy ass teacher, Miss Irene.
  2. I can sing and rap the whole day when I was in primary school. Mostly Eminem's and Linkin Park's songs. I don't know why but I no longer have the guts to do that.
  3. I'm very attracted to people who can play instruments, especially traditional instruments.
  4. Sometimes when I don't talk or when I reply with short answers and refuse to look at you when you're telling me something, it's because I'm too lazy to open my mouth or not in the mood for talking. It happens every day, during certain time of the day. Just don't ask why because I don't know.
  5. I used to argue a lot with my mom every day when I was a kid because I didn't wanna wear skirt.
  6. I learned organ before and I cried every time when my mom wanted me to practise.
  7. I've tried smoking before in a form 3 class during stayback. (no, I'm not a smoker anymore)
  8. I enjoy being left alone at home because I can do whatever I want, which includes walking around naked (I'm just kidding), singing loudly, etc.
  9. Even though I know I won't wake up at 4 to study, I'll still set my alarm at 4. This helps because I can go to bed without feeling so guilty.
  10. My fingers are toes are all very weird. Some said they're too crooked. Some said they look like demon's fingers. Some said they look like alien's. I don't care because I love my fingers a lot. I'm very grateful for having them. Haha.
  11. 95% of the people I know wouldn't believe the fact that I'm shy. Great. Means I'm good at acting.
  12. I do enjoy eating petai but I try my best to avoid them because of the bad breath thing.
  13. I'm afraid of things which has many mini circles or holes, like certain chorals. They're scary and disgusting. There was once I forced my mom not to buy a carpet with those type of design.
  14. I used to watch tv the whole day when I was a kid. I can watch whatever programs as long as they're in English or Canto. Now I hardly touch the tv.
  15. I get scared when I see people crying during worships. You know, especially during really slow and sad songs. I know it's very the perfectly normal for them to cry but I'm just scared.
Meh, not gonna tag anyone. You can do it if you want. Haha.

I don't understand how can people be so free. For instance, 'Anda' actually called so many students to the physics lab just because of a word written or scribbled on one of the tables. To be more precise, it's the place I'm sitting at. Well, she summoned me, and two of my other friends. We were told to stand at the place we sit. Then she asked who scribble on the table. Obviously no one admitted. Who's that silly? Oh well, they're innocent anyway. She kept asking and you know what, I felt like laughing when she opened her mouth and asked. She was so so amusing. I couldn't help but kept laughing. This explains why I laughed even when I was cleaning the stain. Fortunately she didn't give me a slap on the face. She said that she'll punish the whole class if we don't wanna admit so in the end we admitted. She blamed me because I sat in the middle and the word was scribbled on the middle part of the table. Therefore I cleaned the table with a cloth. Actually she's just making a huge fuss out of something small. Trivial matters. The girls sitting there could've erased that word with an eraser. Stupid. Now I'm compelled to stay back on Monday to help the lab assistant clean the tables. That'll be my punishment. In case you're wondering whether I scribbled or not, yes I did scribble that word. I scribbled 'Fag'. Haha, but it was last week. The girls realized it this week. 'SLOW'.

My beloved desk mate finally came to school today! I bet everyone was very elated when they saw her especially her fans. There was this form one girl jumping up and down, screaming, telling me how happy she is because my great desk mate is finally present. Then, someone in my class *coughs* *coughs* youknowwho was so helpful, thoughtful and sweet to her. Basically she did everything that I could've done for her as her desk mate. She wrote those Malay poems that will be coming out for mid term on a piece of paper and she passed it to Leong. Later during the day, she told an Indian girl to tell Leong that she actually needs to do the index for the BM essay file. Meh, saves all my energy and time. Friend, please be grateful that you have a person who cares for you so much. I'm jealous, very. For those readers who have no idea how thoughtful she is, she even arranged Leong's books when Leong was absent.

Teacher told me that I have to take the Accounts paper for my mid terms. I was like, What the fuck? Utterly scary. I don't even have sufficient time for my current subjects and now she's telling me that I need to sit for Accounts. Apparently, the marks for that stupid paper will be counted for the positioning too. This is so shitty. They should've told me earlier. Then at least I would be more prepared. To be frank, now I'm zero prepared. Actually I can imagine how much that paper will pull down my overall performance. Lame. I'm thinking of skipping school that day so I can get a 'TAK HADIR' instead. Much better than getting a D but my form teacher keeps telling me that I should take that paper. So yeah, most probably in the end I'll sit for that paper. Somehow she always manages to persuade me to do something. Damn. Just my luck. I'm getting very sick of studying nowadays. Thick books make me sleepy and I can't help getting distracted whenever I study. Someone give me my drug.

That day during English lesson, Pn. Mahinder said something funny. Or maybe it's not funny but then again, I don't really have any sense of humor. Whatever. There was this weird noise coming from behind of the class. Something like a ghost + water type of sound.

Teacher : What sound is that?
Us : The water source from outside or maybe from that tap.
Teacher : You people are already very weird and yet the tap is weirder than you people.

I was laughing so loudly. Never mind. Most probably it's because I'm in such a good mood these days.


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