Saturday, July 26, 2008

crazier when i'm next to her

Went for Chye's Guitar Gathering at Noodle Bar. It was my first time. The place was okay, quite comfortable. The food? Decent food but Leong's church friends kept complaining. Lol.

Then there was this group of seafood girls who came from God knows where. Lena assumed they're from AMC. Then Leong's friend said, "AMC? Where got AMC for them? KFC got lah". It might not be funny here, it must be read in cantonese. We laughed so badly. They were walking in and out of the cafe for don't know how many friggin' times. Yeah, so most probably they were dying for attention. What a pathetic way of getting famous. xD

Not that bad right?

Lena and Me.

I had to force Leong to take this photo. Damnit.

Why do people actually wear like that to a Guitar Gathering? Swt. Bad taste.

Then we took out our guitars after dinner. If I'm not wrong I was the only one who brought the guitar in a case. So 'pai seh'. Ugh. Friends were teasing me because of the case's size. Played mostly chinese songs. Damn, some times couldn't follow the chords because of the stupid chinese lyrics. Everyone was having a lot of fun when were playing Beyond's songs. Tsk. I wish he would include more English songs next time. That would definitely be better.

Chye looking young here.

Having fun.

Really into it.

Mom said this photo is nice. Haha.

Why was she laughing?

His friend looks really annoyed by his singing.

Lena on Leong's guitar.

Trying to figure out the chinese lyrics.

Mom came to pick me up before the event ended. It was supposed to end at 9.30 but we only managed to finish 1 out of 3 sets of song sheets at 10. 'Potong stim' betul. Tsk. Supposed to 'yum cha' at Starbucks and take photos with Lena's cute little sis too. Plans ruined. Sigh, there's always another time right.


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