Friday, July 18, 2008

Tagged by Kah Sin

Her blog doesn't allow copying. Anyway I'm supposed to list out 10 weird habits or little facts about myself. I'm quite sure I did this before but I'll do it again anyway for fun and because I'll give her face for tagging me for the first time. Lol. Therefore I won't be tagging other people.

  1. When it comes to movies with lotsa special effects, I will only watch them at the theatre because watching pirated ones is only a waste of time due to the shitty quality. Can't stand the video's darkness and the camera man's shaky hands.
  2. I go to toilet with my deskmate at least once before recess.
  3. Every morning I'll put on my headphones and start off my day with metal or rock. My first song is played in the toilet. Don't ask why.
  4. I can sing much better when there's nobody around me because that's when my real voice comes out, and again please don't ask why.
  5. I find murders and cults really intriguing. Easily fascinated by stories related to them.
  6. Listening to metal and rock helps me to sleep easier compared to listening soft songs.
  7. My mom thinks I'm really unholy and satanic because of the metal and rock music that I listen to.
  8. I'll only brush my teeth after breakfast. You think it's dirty? I think it's much more hygienic.
  9. When I'm sleepy, I won't sleep straight away. I'll waste my time doing unnecessary stuff on the net such as analyzing song lyrics even though my brain is half inactive.
  10. 9 out of 10 people who hasn't spoken to me before thinks I'm stuck up or lan si or whatever shit but of course I'm not.
Today is Cikgu Tengku Hasnah's birthday.
Well I hope she had a great day since many students wished her sincerely and planned stuff for her. Yeah and I hope you get married soon and get kids soon so that you can nag and scold them instead of picking on US always. =)


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