Sunday, April 20, 2008

Egg God

Egg God because like what my mom said, I eat too much eggs nowadays. Well, according to what I read from the net, the health experts say it's perfectly normal and okay to eat an egg per day. Eggs are good, great source of protein, bla bla bla. Yeah, so I told my mom that. She said not to argue with her because she's much more experienced and she's an adult. Oh okay. *swt look*

FYI, I'm a Custard and Egg Tart addict. There was once I ate four egg tarts for recess. Anyway this moring mom purposely took me to Kampung Simee's market just to buy the egg tarts. Few days back she was already telling me how super scrumptious they are. Since it was our first time there, we had to ask those ladies there where's the shop. There were too many shops selling pastries and so on. In the end we managed to find the shop but we had to wait for around 15 - 20 minutes because the guy went back to his house to get the last batch of egg tarts. Right, they were all fresh from the oven! They were so many aunties and 'ah po-s' queuing up for the egg tarts. Besides egg tarts, they sell many types of pastries too. I think most probably their other pastries are good because some uncle bought many. Scary. People who are crazy of pastries are always scary. Haha. They have this ability to eat a lot in one shot. *coughs* I think my mom has that ability and one of my friends has that ability too. Do you people know which friend I'm talking about? =D

One word to describe them. Heavenly. The egg is really smooth and it isn't too sweet. It melts in your mouth~ and the pastry is better than many place. In fact, I think these egg tarts are so far the best in Ipoh. Yes, they even beat Ming Kok's and Kao Lee's. In case anyone of you wants to buy these heavenly tarts, the name of the shop is Choy Kee Biscuit shop.


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